What is "Environmental Art ?"

Environmental art is intuitive art !
Environmental art has it's foundation in the "physics" of the universe. 

Have you ever wondered why some environments make you feel tense or drained, while other places make you feel happy, relaxed or energized? Have you ever wondered why certain businesses flounder in spite of all the best circumstances, while others prosper for no apparent reason?

Our physical surroundings actually have a powerful influence on us.

Our environment (where we live, work and sleep) effects our state of mind, our health, our finances, as well as our relationships with people.

"Feng Shui "(pronounced fung shwee) can tell us if our home or work place is enhancing or diminishing our income potential. Feng Shui is based partly on natural physical laws, the movement of the solar system, common sense and good design.

"Environment Art" uses the right integration of colors, shapes and forms to create the right environmental energy. The wrong combination can create negativity or imbalance in a home or business. This can be easily remedied with a variety of very subtle inexpensive solutions ------ with dramatic results!

Jordan, a well known psychic art consultant, will analyze your current environment and then present you with her metaphysical interpretation of that environment along with her assessment and create the right environmental art to enhance and promote your products and or services.

Surrounding yourself with the right colors and forms is the easiest, quickest and most practical way of balancing your psyche. Jordan creates the right environment for occupants to absorb the maximum benefits of their home or office, while eliminating the negative energies that unbalance and irritate.

Jordan advises her clients which colors and forms would create the right environment for them to achieve their intent. Many people live in a home that is inherently undermining their health and relationships. Many work in environments that sabotage the occupants professionally as well as personally. Many develop chronic illnesses, depression and find themselves unable to concentrate on their work.

On the positive side, some homes and work environments invite success, promotion, happy family life, good study habits, creativity and stable health. Does yours?


Personal compatibility with your environment is another consideration. The right environmental art in the home can have a tremendous beneficial effect.

Adding "environmental art" to your interiors can be very healing. Hospitals are realizing this and creating healing and uplifting environments throughout the hospital.

Environmental art can maximize the success of a commercial operation, and influence cultural and personality development.

The art creates the energy that impacts the people living or working in that environment. It can maximize their energies, create happier and more functional work areas that create a prosperous environment.

* The best colors & forms for work stations.
* Best sleeping colors & forms.
* Creating the right environment for client areas
* Best environment for certain functions.
* Art created to maximize prosperity potential and compatibility between the inhabitants and their environment.

Jordan interviews your work staff also and presents you with her findings.

Everything in life involves some kind of relationship. We have unique relationships with friends, family, and co-workers. We also have a relationship (or identify) with the cities we live in, schools we attend and our personal possessions. Who and what we interact with is going to have an impact on our lives.

You also have a relationship with your home. Your home possesses a personality which can complement and support you-- or undermine and limit you. By using the Jordan environmental art, you can manipulate your environment to best enhance health, professional accomplishments, and personal relationships.

Environmental art is a spiritually-based intuitive art with it's foundation in the "physics" of this universe.

We can even create these special works of art for you with a photograph of the area you plan to environmentalize, along with size of painting you need. The photo should show the colors in the room. Sometimes people include swatches of the colors along with the photo. Also include as much pertinent information on the company or individual you want to have taken into consideration.

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Art created by the well known celebrity psychic artist Jordan.
There are a total of 350 paintings available for shows and for sale in the current collection.
You can select a painting from her collection or comission one to suit your particular needs.