Original Paintings are increasingly being purchased by corporations and small businesses.

There has long been a market for original art in restaurants, hotels and other public spaces. Now even small to medium sized companies are entering the marketplace to search for interesting, visually arresting artworks for display in offices and other workplaces.

Today's employers seek to provide pleasant environments for their employees. Surroundings play an important part in the overall success of a company. A happy and comfortable employee accomplishes much more. And there is nothing quite like a one of a kind painting to create the right atmosphere and even stimulate the imagination and get the creative juices flowing.

Business is all about image, and often the pictures hanging on your office wall will say more about you than a slick impressive corporate brochure.

And there is the possibility that one day that abstract hanging in reception will be worth a small fortune as the artist who painted it becomes more collectable and then just watch the price soar.


The Art by Design Gallery provides a large range of original artworks.
Our clients  include experienced fine art collectors, corporations, decorators, fledgling art collectors and people who simply want something fabulous and unique. Our online clients come from all over the world. As we are located in the heart of New York City, we have a large customer base locally.

. Since we offer many visual styles, we are able to provide a selection of quality work customized to corporate needs and sensitive to a business environment.

We sell fine art. All works we provide are original works by an artist who bring freshness and innovation to her expression. We sell reproductions of our paintings at the Fine Art America link below..

We can provide art that relates to your business and that your clients and employees will enjoy.
 We are ablle to tailor-make art to whatever your needs are in terms of themes, imagery or stylistic preferences. Conveying your specific corporate vision through quality art is our goal.

We offer  Realism (including still life, landscape, figuration and portraiture), Pop art, Abstract, Visionary, Surreal (traditional and new), Conceptual art.

 We offer works in an array of  styles so that our clients can choose an approach that is meaningful  for them. Our goal is to offer our clienets top quality art at wholesale prices.

Art by Design increases the chance that the art will appreciate in value. 
We consider our art to be "investment grade".


Environmental paintings are designed with atmosphere integration enhancement in mind. They compliment an environment, energize, or create a mood of quiet contemplation. The choice is yours. Environmental Art is more than mere decoration.

You have many options. Create a focal point. Make a statement. Commisssion a painting created around your corporate or personal identity.

Art for : reception areas : waiting rooms : executive offices : hospitals : workers areas :

conference rooms : hotels : meeting rooms : restaurants : exercise areas : etc.

Originals and affordable reproductions on canvas : your choice : your colors : your size

Contact: Jordan's studio 212 832-7657




Art created by the well known celebrity psychic artist Jordan.
There are a total of 350 paintings available for shows and for sale in the current collection.
You can select a painting from her collection or comission one to suit your particular needs.